Abstract Topics

Topics for Abstract Submission are as below:

Biomarkers for chronic wounds including deep tissue injuries
Aging and fragility of skin and subdermal tissues and technologies to asses tissue fragility
Smart materials for support surfaces, overlies and protective clothing
Technologies for training and education in wound prevention and care
Technologies for wound measurements
Technologies and devices for preventing pressure ulcers
Sensors and fabrics for pressure ulcer prevention
Computer modelling and simulations in wound prevention and care
Support surface technology, including beds, wheelchairs, positioners, mattresses and cushions
Technologies to protect amputation patients from tissue damage
Biomaterials in the design of dressings
Microclimate control
Sensor technologies for monitoring tissue health status
Microsensors to monitor the wound bed 
Electrical stimulation and electromagnetic therapies
Imaging of deep pressure ulcers
Tissue engineering based treatments of burns, acute and chronic wounds
High-throughput screening of wound therapies
Wound databases and big-data analyses
Design of clinical trials for testing medical devices in the field of wound prevention and care
Transfer of medical device technology from the academia to the industry